Ascot Premium Hotel activities in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic

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Ascot Premium Hotel activities in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Guests,

In the interests of your safety and comfort during your stay in our hotel, we have developed and implemented safety procedures in accordance with the guidelines of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station:

  • Reduced check-in time, maximum 2 people during check-in
  • Staff work in masks and disposable gloves
  • Guests use disposable pens
  • We encourage cashless payments
  • The reception desk is disinfected after each guest
  • The hotel has available hand sanitizers
  • The reception hall, restaurant and lobby bar are systematically ventilated and disinfected
  • At the entrances there are hand sanitizers and disposable gloves, and each guest has a non-contact body temperature measurement
  • The number of guests staying at the same time has been limited while maintaining safe distances between the tables
  • Breakfasts are delivered directly to the table indicated by the staff, which are disinfected after each guest, maintaining the required social distance
  • We prepare all meals in sterile conditions in accordance with the recommendations of HACCP and State Sanitary Inspectorate
  • Each room has disinfectants and instructions on how to properly wash your hands
  • After each guest the room is generally cleaned and ventilated, and all surfaces are additionally disinfected with special agents

We monitor the safety and hygiene recommendations and guidelines recommended by relevant services on an ongoing basis. If any new orders are issued, we will update our procedures.

If you have any questions regarding reservations or precautions, please contact us by phone +48 12 38 406 06 or by email at

We encourage you to follow current information at to avoid false information.

On our website you can view all available offers and make online reservations. All packages available there are constantly updated.

See you at the Ascot Premium Hotel!