Voucher + 10% bonus

Something pleasant for you and your loved ones – give them a voucher to be spent at Ascot Premium Hotel**** Only now, when buying a set value voucher, you get additional 10% of its value and a Welcome Drink as a gift. Additionally, when buying a gift voucher, we provide a 10% discount for the Lobby Bar. The value of the purchased voucher will be increased by 10% • The voucher allows to book a stay in Ascot Premium Hotel**** • With every voucher you get one Welcome Drink per person • Overnight stay with breakfast • To book, please contact our Booking Department via telephone: +48 12 384 06 06, +48 12 384 06 00 or via email: rezerwacja@hotelascot.pl
Voucher purchase conditions Sales and implementation regulations General conditions Ascot Premium Hotel (the "Seller") offers for sale Vouchers for the amount and stay, which can be purchased for the use of the Buyer or third parties The Seller undertakes to accept the Voucher purchased by the Purchaser for redemption at the Ascot Premium Hotel The Buyer undertakes to pay for the Voucher in the amount equal to the nominal value of the Voucher. The voucher is issued after payment The voucher can only be redeemed at the Ascot Premium Hotel, after prior booking and confirmation by e-mail by the booking department The Voucher user making a room reservation based on it must present the Voucher at check-in at the Ascot Premium Hotel. If the hotel does not have the original Voucher or an invalid Voucher, the hotel has the right to refuse to provide the service ordered on the basis of such a Voucher The voucher is non-refundable and/or exchangeable for cash and must be redeemed once and in full The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase The voucher can only be used for individual bookings Terms of use The Voucher user is obliged to book the date of using the Voucher for accommodation at the Ascot Premium Hotel in the booking department (tel. +48 12 348 06 06, +48 12 384 06 00; e-mail: rezerwacja@hotelascot.pl) When making a reservation on the basis of a purchased voucher, the price from the day of making the reservation applies When redeeming a Voucher, you are not entitled to receive the rest of the unused amount of the Voucher, if the value of the service is lower than the value of the Voucher The User is obliged to pay the price difference on the spot in the hotel, in cash or by credit card, when the value of the service provided is higher than the value of the presented Voucher or the scope of the Voucher does not include it Ascot Premium Hotel has the right to refuse to redeem a Voucher if it has expired Ascot Premium Hotel has the right to refuse to redeem a Voucher for which payment has not been made Reservations made on the basis of the Voucher become non-refundable offers - without the possibility to change the date free of charge up to 7 days before the planned stay Settlements and complaints The buyer, at the time of purchasing the Voucher, has the option of requesting a VAT invoice Complaints related to the purchase of a service using a Voucher will be considered by the Seller at the request of the Buyer or the User, after submitting a written complaint The basis for recognizing the service complaint is the proof of purchase of the Voucher Final Provisions Upon receipt of the Voucher, the Buyer and/or User declares that he/she has read the content of these Regulations, accepts its content in its entirety and undertakes to comply with its provisions. Each Voucher User is obliged to comply with all the Regulations in force at the Ascot Premium Hotel By redeeming the Voucher, the User confirms the order to use it, to the extent specified in the Regulations The Seller is obliged to provide the Regulations to the Buyer and/or to the User at his request The Seller reserves the right to change the Regulations, provided that it does not violate the already acquired rights of Buyers and / or Users In matters not covered by these Regulations, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code shall apply